Dry cleaning recommended for all wool products.

For the occasional spillage you can spot wipe with cold water using a lint free cloth, but just blot fabric -­‐ do not rub it. A cool iron is fine. For the odd not too unpleasant odour just hang out and let the fresh air do its work.

Do not hang your poncho on a coat hanger for long periods of time or it will take on the shape of the hanger -­‐ not you.

If you get caught in a rain shower and your poncho gets wet then simply give it a good shake when you take it off and hang it over something (indoors or outdoors) to dry naturally.

CUSHIONS - plump up daily.

STORING YOUR PONCHO – It really does like to hang around with you. If you’re not wearing it then fold as you would a throw / blanket and hang it over the back of your favourite chair. After all it is for indoor as well as outdoor use.